Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Shame of Jesus' Burial

Ultimately my view of the burial of Jesus as a dishonorable one was shaped in particular by Raymond Brown's conclusions in his magnificent two-volume study, The Death of the Messiah. But another scholar who has also explored this evidence and drawn a similar conclusion is Byron McCane. His chapter on the subject, "'Where No One Had Yet Been Laid': The Shame of Jesus' Burial", is available online.

If anyone is interested in writing a review of The Burial of Jesus for, their blog or some other print or online venue, and needs a copy of the book, please do get in touch with me by e-mail, providing a mailing address and where the review will appear. BookSurge does not provide copies to reviewers for free, but I am certainly willing to pay for and send out some copies if it will help spread the word and draw more attention to the book. I don't particularly like engaging in promotion myself, but then again, if I didn't think the book was worth reading, I wouldn't have published it!

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