Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Burial of Jesus: Second Edition Published!

I am happy to finally be able to announce that the second edition of my book The Burial of Jesus: What Does History Have to Do with Faith? has now been released by Patheos Press and is now available for purchase in Kindle format on Amazon.com.

Versions in Nook and iBooks format are planned for the near future.

 The price on Amazon.com is $2.99, and this is indeed a revised and improved edition, and so even if you previously purchased the first edition of The Burial of Jesus you will presumably still have an interest in this one.

 I'll be getting in touch with some other bloggers about reviewing the book, and there will be some op-eds and videos that I'll be writing/recording in the coming days and weeks, on topics that the book touches on. If you are a blogger interested in the possibility of reviewing the book, do get in touch via e-mail or some other means of private messaging to indicate your interest, and let me know your daily pageview statistics.

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